OBG Electronic Filing

Company Administrator Functions

Creating user Accounts

Administrators and Service Area Administrators can create new users via the Administration section of OBG.

Businesses must have at least one user account and at least one user designated as an Administrator at all times.

Managing user accounts

Administrators and Service Area Administrators can manage user accounts from the user's profile screen via the Administration section of OBG. Administrators can view a user profile and edit user contact information, access level, and preferences.

Administrators can also deactivate an account by checking the appropriate box on the user's profile screen. Users can be re-activated by un-checking the box. The OBG system automatically deactivates user accounts after a number of consecutive unsuccessful logon attempts.

Forgotten usernames and passwords

If a user has forgotten their username, an Administrator can view the user profile to see the username.

If a user has forgotten their password, an Administrator can use the Gateway system to auto-generate an email containing a link which will allow the user to reset their password.

Managing Administrator accounts

Businesses must have at least one user designated as an Administrator at all times.

To transfer Administrator access, the existing Administrator must first grant Administrator access to another user. The new Administrator can then reassign the access of the former Administrator.

Creating and managing groups

Administrators may create groups to manage access for many users at a time or to enable a Service Provider to use the OBG on behalf of the business.

Creating a group is similar to creating a user. Administrators can do the following:

  • Assign a name and an access level to a group
  • Add existing users to a group
  • Change the access level for a group
  • Delete a group

Any changes to a group will affect the access levels for all members of the group.

Service Providers

To enable a Service Provider, an administrator can add the OBG Service Provider ID to a group. A group may contain only one Service Provider ID. Businesses that have multiple Service Providers will need to create multiple groups to enable all Service Providers access to OBG.

For more information, see Service Provider/Representative Accounts.

Tutorial: Setting Up a Third Party Representative and Client Relationship

Changing to a new FEIN

Businesses that need to change from an SSN to an FEIN, or need to change an existing FEIN to a new FEIN should contact the OBG Electronic Filing Help Desk for assistance — call 866-OHIO-GOV (866-644-6468) and choose the option of the next filing you need to make.

The Help Desk is available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. excluding state holidays.

Editing company information

An Administrator can edit the Company Information section of Administration. This section contains basic contact information in case the State needs to contact the business about their use of OBG. This section does not contain registration information. OBG does not share this information with partner agencies.

The Company Information Section also contains a Service Provider/Representative ID that Client companies can use to grant OBG Electronic Filing access to a service provider. If the ID is not displayed an Administrator can edit the company information to generate the ID.

The Administrator cannot delete or change the Service Provider/Representative ID. For more information, see Service Provider/Representative Accounts.

Tutorial: Maintain Company Information

Setting access levels

An Administrator can manage a user's access by setting the access levels of an individual account or assigning the individual to a group. The individual would inherit the access level assigned to the group. User access to an OBG Service Area is defined by the highest access provided by their individual account or membership in a group.

Access levels include:

  • Administrators have full access to all OBG Service Areas on behalf of the business. Administrators can also create users and groups and assign access levels.
  • All-Access users have full access to all OBG Service Areas on behalf of the business. All-Access users are not able create users/groups or assign access levels.
  • Limited Access users have access to specific access to OBG Service Levels assigned to them by Administrators. Limited Access users can have different access levels for different OBG Service Areas, including:
    • Service Area Create/Edit users can create, edit, and view history of transactions within the Service Area.
    • Service Area All-Access users can do everything "Service Area Create/Edit" users can do, plus submitting transactions for checkout.
    • Service Area Administrator users can do everything "Service Area All-Access" users can do, plus creating other users within the Service Area and managing their access.
    • No Selection users do not have access to the service area unless they are members of a group that has access.

Service Area Administrators can only manage the access of "Limited Access" users within the OBG Service Area.

Tutorials: Maintain User Roles, Maintain Group Roles

Who should be an Administrator?

Use caution when granting "Administrator" access. Administrators can manage every other user (including other Administrators).

Businesses may want to reserve the Administrator access level to senior managers/executives who have broad responsibilities for the business. Administrators can then create OBG "Service Area Administrator" accounts for functional managers for specific Service Areas. The functional managers can then provide access to their OBG Service Area as needed.