Ohio Business Gateway

Filings & Payments

Starting a new transaction

You can start a new transaction by selecting a service from the "Start a Transaction" tab on the Gateway home page.

Warning: multiple users should not attempt to simultaneously create, edit, or checkout with the same transaction at the same time.

In some cases, the Ohio Business Gateway provides access to services provided by Service Partners. If you select a Service Partner service, the system will log you out of the Gateway and forward to your requested service.

For help with a specific service, please see Services and Transactions.

Managing transactions

Once you start a transaction, that transaction will be "In Progress" until you enter all of the required data. Once you enter all of the required data, the transaction will become "Ready for Checkout."

If you end your Gateway session before entering all of the required data for a transaction, the Gateway will save the transaction in progress. The next time you log in, that transaction will show up on the Gateway home page in the "In Progress" section. You can then resume or delete this transaction.

The "Ready for Checkout" tab of the home page contains links allowing you to:

  • Review/Edit the transaction data
  • Delete the transaction
  • Checkout (File and Pay)

You have not submitted your filing or payment to the Service Partner until you go through checkout and click the "Confirmation" button.

Payment options

If you are submitting a transaction that includes a payment, you will be able to select a method of payment. The Service Partner that administers the transaction will determine the payment options, including:

  • How to pay – All transactions have the option for online payment via the Ohio Business Gateway. Some transactions also include the option to pay outside of the Gateway.
  • When to pay – Some transactions offer the ability to defer ACH debit payments to a future date. In order to avoid late payment penalties, you must avoid deferring the payment past the due date.
  • Type of account for payment – You can make online payments for most transactions using ACH debit from a savings or checking account. Some transactions also accept credit card payments.
  • Amount to pay – Some transactions will allow a partial payment, which cannot be less than a system-imposed minimum payment.

You have not submitted your filing or payment to the Service Partner until you go through checkout and click the "Confirmation" button.

Credit cards

For transactions that allow credit card payment, accepted credit cards include VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. All credit card payments incur a 2.5% service fee to Official Payments Corporation, the Ohio Business Gateway's credit card processor.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express logos
ACH Debit Blocking

If you use ACH Debit Blocking, please be sure to contact your bank to ensure that you can make payment to Ohio Business Gateway Service Partners. Your bank will need to provide permissions to Gateway Service Partners and can advise you as to what identifiers are needed to identify the Originators. Failure to do so may result in failed payments, payment-related penalties, and/or interest.

Each Service Partner is a separate Originator. There is no single identifier to authorize all Service Partners accepting payments via the Gateway.

The following table lists the identifiers for the most common transactions with state agencies, assuming that the user's bank implements debit blocking based on the contents of the "CompanyID" field of the batch header record within the ACH file sent to the Originating bank.

If you make payments to one or more municipalities, or if you have any questions, contact the Gateway Help Desk at 866-644-6468 and select option 4 for "Municipal Taxes."

Transaction Company ID
Business Enterprise Program 11OHIOORSC
Commercial Activity Tax 1070010014
Deferred Compensation 9311284478
Employer Withholding (paid to Ohio - not municipalities) 1060010004
Employer Withholding Tax Assessments (paid to Ohio - not municipalities) 1010220702
Horce Racing 1OHIOTAXHR
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) 1HIOIFTATX
Kilowatt Tax 1IOKWHDTAX
Motor Fuel Tax 1IOTAXMVFT
Natural Gas Distribution Tax (MCF) 1HIOMCFTAX
Sales and Use Tax 1070060004
Sales Tax County Vendors' Licenses 1030010001
Sales Tax Assessments 1004060701
School District Withholding 1020070003
School District Withholding Tax Assessments 1010220703
Severance Tax 26OHIOTAXS
Unclaimed Funds 1311409347
Unemployment Compensation Tax 4209088128
Workers' Compensation 1311334187

Checkout: submitting transactions and making payments

Checkout confirms filing and payment for Ohio Business Gateway transactions. The Gateway does not process transactions or payments until you press the "Confirmation" button during checkout and the Gateway creates a receipt.

At checkout, you will provide payment details for the transaction(s). For security reasons, the Gateway does not store payment account information. You must enter your account information during each checkout.

You may check out multiple transactions at the same time. If you use more than one account for payments, you will need to go through multiple checkouts. The Gateway only permits one ACH or credit card account number per checkout. Each transaction and payment will appear as a separate debit entry on the bank or credit card account. It is possible that a Service Partner will consolidate multiple payments into a single debit entry.

Warning: multiple users should not attempt to checkout with the same transaction at the same time.

If an error prevents checkout, the transaction will be visible in the "Ready for Checkout" tab on the home page. If the transaction does not appear on the home page, check History to see if the Gateway issued a receipt.

The Gateway considers a transaction to be filed and paid on time if the date on the receipt (as well as any applicable deferred payment date) is on or before the due date for the filing. Receipts do not confirm that the agency received funds. Once a receipt is issued, the Gateway cannot stop payment or delivery of a transaction to an Service Partner.

Receipts provide:

  • Summary of submission
  • Copy of transaction that's sent to Service Partner
  • Access to items now available to user (licenses, certificates, payment coupons etc.)
  • Acknowledgement of user's intention to file/make payment (if applicable)

Tutorial: File and pay

Payment processing after checkout

Funds move directly from the business account to the Service Partner's account. The Ohio Business Gateway does not maintain any bank accounts, nor does the Gateway collect or aggregate payments on behalf of a Service Partner.

The settlement date for a payment is a bank processing date that refers to the date the bank account will be debited for payments being made. Settlement dates are estimates only provided as a convenience. The settlement date is dependent upon the receipt date and does not determine whether any filing is considered on time.

The Gateway follows general banking standards and estimates settlement dates to be on the second business day after the date shown on the receipt or deferred payment date. For example, a transaction dated on Monday will usually settle on Wednesday, and a transaction dated on Friday will usually settle on the following Wednesday if Monday is a holiday. The date reflected on a bank account summary is further dependent upon processing of the bank.

The Service Partner's banking partner may not process ACH debit payments for reasons beyond the Gateway. Please check the business bank account statement. Reasons may include the following:

  • Invalid/incorrect bank account numbers
  • Non-sufficient funds
  • ACH Debit Blocking on the account

Failed payments could incur payment-related penalties and interest. If a bank payment has failed to process, the Service Partner (not the Gateway) will contact the business. The Gateway does not have access to the Service Partner's bank account and does not receive notification of the status of deposits into the Service Partner's bank account.