OBG Electronic Filing

Service Provider/Representative Accounts

About Service Provider/Representative accounts

The OBG enables Service Providers to submit filings and payments on behalf of their Client Companies.

Client Companies control the access level for the Service Provider as a group, so they do not need to manage individual users at the Service Provider. Clients can always redefine the Service Provider's access level or break the relationship with the Service Provider at any time. Any Changes to the Service Provider access level affect all users at the Service Provider.

The Service Provider manages their individual users. A user at a Service Provider company sees the same OBG Home Page as a user from the Client Company.

Client Company: setting up Service Provider access

  • The Client Company obtains the OBG Service Provider ID from the Service Provider.
  • A user at the Client Company with 'Administrator access' can create a new group, linking the Service Provider ID and defining the access level for the Service Provider.
  • The Client Company advises the Service Provider that the relationship is established.

Tutorial: Setting Up a Third Party Representative and Client Relationship

Client Company: modifying or removing Service Provider access

Client Company Administrators can:

  • Change the access level of a Service Provider by changing the access level of the group
  • Remove Service Provider access by changing the access level of the group or deleting the group
  • Change Service Providers by editing the group to link a new OBG Service Provider ID

Service Provider: managing individual user access

A user at the Service Provider with 'Administrator access' can add or remove Service Provider users to/from the Client Company group. The Service Provider cannot change the access level defined by the Client Company.

When creating a new user, the Service Provider Administrator should:

  • Assign the user "Limited Access"
  • Leave all OBG Service areas as "No Selection"
  • Add the user only to the appropriate Client Company groups (provided they have been created)

This will enable the user to use the OBG on behalf of the appropriate Client Companies.

Service Provider: using OBG on behalf of multiple Client Companies

Service Providers are able to change their company affiliation on the OBG homepage. Client Companies are displayed in a drop-down list of the top right of the page. Selecting a Client Company will cause the OBG homepage to update to show the Client's name and FEIN at the top left. The user is now viewing the OBG homepage of the Client Company.

If the drop-down list feature is not visible on the OBG Home Page, the user does not have access on behalf of any Client companies.