Ohio Business Gateway

Tour the Gateway home page

The main menu

a screenshot of the OBG home page with the main nav highlighted

The Main Menu (indicated in yellow above) enables the following options:

  • Home – return to the Ohio Business Gateway home page.
  • History – sortable, filterable list of previous transaction receipts. Clicking on the receipt link provides transaction detail. Recently submitted transactions may not appear in the History section. In order to review transactions, the user must have access to the Service Area.
  • Administration – user and access level management.
  • Logout – properly closes out of the Gateway Electronic Filing application. Transactions that are "In-Progress" or "Ready for Checkout" will be available on the home page at the next logon. Transactions and payments are not submitted until the checkout process has been completed.

The page body

a screenshot of the OBG home page with the body highlighted

Your view of the home page depends on your access level. If a service or function appears grayed-out, you do not have access to use it.

The body of the home page contains the following sections:

  • Business Name & Company ID/FEIN – confirms you are filing on behalf of the correct business.
  • Announcements – shows relevant Ohio Business Gateway announcements.
  • Favorite Transactions – lists up to eight transactions that you can set as favorites in your User Profile.
  • Start a Service or Transaction – shows a list of the services you can use. For help, see starting a service or transaction.
  • In Progress – lists transactions that require more information.
  • Ready for Checkout – lists transactions that have all required information and are ready to file and/or pay, but have not gone through the checkout process. You must go through checkout to complete submission of the filing and/or payment.