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Municipal Taxes

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Services Provided

The Gateway provides the following Municipal Tax services:

  • Business Income (Net Profits) - Tax Returns
  • Business Income (Net Profits) - Estimated Payments
  • Business Income (Net Profits) - Extension Requests
  • Employer Withholding Taxes - Returns and Payments

User Guides/Special Instructions

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Registering with municipalities

A business must contact a municipality directly to register before using the OBG to file Net Profits Returns with that municipality. The Gateway cannot offer municipal income tax registration services.

View the list of participating municipalities. The Gateway automatically forwards tax data and payments to the appropriate tax administrator (e.g. either the municipality or a designated tax administrator such as CCA or RITA).

Some municipalities have locally-issued taxpayer identification numbers that must be entered on the Gateway before forms can be created with that municipality. You should obtain those numbers directly from the municipality as part of the registration process.

Who can file on the Gateway

The following business types may not file a Net Profits Return via the Gateway:

  • Sole Proprietors - most municipalities require sole proprietors to report on the individual/personal income tax return
  • Consolidated Filers
  • Businesses not filing using apportionment
  • Pass-through entities reporting income on behalf of shareholders
  • Businesses filing certain short year returns

When filing with a single municipality, you should select the municipality by name, not the tax administrator or agency (such as CCA or RITA).

When filing with multiple municipalities, you should create one online form with multiple municipalities rather than multiple forms with just one municipality on each. In particular, the Net Profits Return application requires that there is no more than one "set" of returns per tax year (one online form with multiple municipalities added).

Even though multiple municipalities may be part of the set, OBG separates the filings and sends the tax returns or forms to each individual municipality.

Making payments

You can make payments using the Gateway's ACH debit payment service. You will be able to schedule your filing and payment for a future date. In order to pay by ACH debit, you need the following information:

  • Checking or savings account routing number
  • Checking or savings account bank account number

The bank account will show separate payments to each municipality (or designated tax administration agency, such as CCA or RITA), so there is a clear payment audit trail for your records.

Other payment methods need to include a reference to the Gateway confirmation number generated when the return/report was filed. This number will ensure proper posting by the municipal tax administrator.


The Gateway confirmation includes a time-stamp to validate the time and date of filing. Confirmations are issued only after the entire filing and payment process is completed, including checkout.

The Gateway will automatically send tax data and ACH debit payment instructions directly and separately to the respective municipalities or their designated tax administration agency (such as CCA or RITA).

Tax calculation

The Tax Calculation user guide offers a full description of the tax calculation process. The Gateway follows a "common bucket" approach so that data which is common to all municipalities is entered only once. Municipality-specific adjustments are then made individually based upon local provisions in order to generate customized tax returns for each municipality.

Amending net profits returns

You can file amended returns using the Gateway. If the original filing was not made via the Gateway, then you will need to create a new return and indicate "amended" status during data entry.

Terms & Conditions

The Municipal Tax services are subject to the Gateway Terms of Services. In addition, the "Income (Net Profits) - Tax Returns" service is subject to the following additional terms:

To make changes to Net Profits returns after filing, I agree to file an amended report or follow other instructions from the agency or municipality.

I have examined the information herein provided electronically in connection with the use of the Ohio Business Gateway to file the taxpayer's municipal income tax return. To the best of my knowledge and belief the information provided is true, correct and sufficient for the electronic transmission of a complete municipal income tax return. I warrant that I have the authority to submit electronically this municipal income tax return, and I acknowledge that by confirming the submission of this return, I am making and transmitting, along with the municipal income tax return, an electronic signature having the same legal impact and implications as would my handwritten signature.


For assistance, weekdays from 8am-5pm, call 866-OHIO-GOV (866-644-6468) and select Option 4.

For assistance with your taxpayer account or municipal taxes, rules, or regulations, please contact the municipality directly. View municipality contact information.