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December 2017 :: Issue No. 4
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Gateway Modernization Project Update
Over the last month, the Gateway Modernization Project has been focused on completing the last pieces of system design and build and conducting thorough testing to make sure that the modernized Gateway's interactions with other State systems are working correctly. We completed four cycles of testing, and have even been able to get a head start on the the fifth. 

Based on feedback received from Gateway business users, we also have redesigned and streamlined the payment and checkout processes in the modernized Gateway. Now, notifications will guide business users through the checkout and payment processes. Also, transactions that do not require payment will no longer have to be "checked out" to be filed. 


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The Gateway Modernization Project is one piece of an effort by the State of Ohio to lead the way in technological innovation in government services.
Prior to the Modernization Project, the Gateway had not undergone a major technology upgrade in several years, resulting in a disjointed user experience and sub-optimal performance. As a result, the State of Ohio decided to modernize the system and move it to a Salesforce platform.


Salesforce is the world's #1 customer relationship management platform. More than 150,000 companies and organizations around the world use Salesforce to connect with their customers, and the State of Ohio is leveraging the same leading technology in modernizing the Gateway.

Salesforce's scalablerepeatable components will streamline the experience business users have when they log onto the Gateway and allow the State to more rapidly onboard new Service Partners and transactions. Over time, this will result in expanded service offerings on the Gateway and make the system faster and more reliable for the State agencies that depend on it.

Building the Gateway on top of Salesforce will also lead to greater security for the Gateway's users. As Salesforce updates and improves its technology and security, the Gateway will also be updated seamlessly. 

Using leading technology to make the Gateway more reliable and easier to use is one way the Modernization Project is making strides toward realizing the Gateway's mission of making doing business in Ohio easy and efficient by providing e-government services that are simple and secure.


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