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March 2018
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Gateway Modernization Project Update
The Gateway Modernization Project is currently more than half way through User Acceptance Testing (UAT). During UAT, testers access and use the modernized Gateway to ensure that business users will be able accomplish their daily tasks with the new platform. The goal of UAT is to determine “fit for purpose,” verifying that the system is working as designed and intended to meet the needs of Ohio's businesses. It is expected that the UAT will be completed by mid-April.

You also might notice an uptick in the amount of information that you are seeing about the Gateway Modernization Project. That is because we are ramping up our outreach efforts to make sure that everyone is aware that the Ohio Business Gateway is undergoing a transformation and to prepare business users for that transition. 

The Gateway Modernization Project will transform the current Gateway into a more user-friendly, reliable and secure portal that provides Ohio businesses with online access to business-related services provided by the State.
One of the features that users identified as a challenge in the current system is the Gateway’s help functionality. Currently, business users have to leave the system and visit to locate helpful content such as transaction filing FAQs and descriptions or call the Gateway Help Desk to request assistance.
As a result of user feedback, when the modernized system goes live in Spring 2018, Gateway users will have access to an entirely new online help and case management system that will make finding and requesting help on the Gateway faster and more intuitive.

Users will be automatically presented with helpful content related to the area of the Gateway they are in or to the specific transaction they are completing. This allows business users to more quickly identify the answer to their question and continue with their filing without having to move to a different website or contact the help desk.
In the event system users need to contact the Gateway for assistance, they will still have the option to call the help desk, but will also have a new, additional option to request help through the Gateway’s new online case management system. This means support and assistance is available to business users online 24/7.
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