News from the Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project
September 2017 :: Issue No. 2
In This Issue: 
::  Gateway Sneak Peek
::  Improvements to the Modernized Gateway
Gateway Modernization Project Updates
As the modernized Gateway gets closer to going live, we are excited to share with you some of the very important and tangible benefits business users will experience. 

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Great progress is being made with the Gateway Modernization Project, and we want to show you what we have accomplished so far.
The video above provides a preview of the new look and feel of the transaction flows within the modernized Gateway, as well as the enhanced help and case management functionality.
We hope that you are as excited about the Gateway Modernization Project's progress as we are, and are looking forward to keeping you updated as we move toward go-live.
The Gateway Modernization Project is not only focused on transforming the way transactions are completed in the Ohio Business Gateway, but also implementing new features and functional enhancements to improve the Gateway's user experience, reliability and efficiency. Below, you will find a list and short description of the major improvements coming with the modernized Gateway.
Additional Avenues for Help

One of the features that business users have identified as a challenge in the current system is the Gateway's help and case management functionality. As a result, the modernized Gateway features an entirely new online help and case management system that will make finding and requesting help on the Gateway faster and more intuitive. Users will now be able to request help on the Gateway 24/7 and will be automatically presented with help articles and content related to the area of the Gateway they are in or to the specific transaction they are processing.


Simplified Filing Process

The modernized Gateway features an updated filing process that eliminates the "check out" step for transactions that do not require payment prior to filing. This simplification reduces the number of steps required to file some transactions, saves users time and provides clarity around the filing status of these transactions.

Streamlined Account Management for Service Providers

Service Provider users often need access to more than one business account on the Gateway, and the process for requesting and granting access to different accounts is simplified in the modernized system. In the modernized Gateway, Service Provider users will be able to search for a business account and request access to it all using a link on their Business Dashboard. Their clients will get a notification, and can grant or deny the request to access their account within a tab on the Gateway. This new process reduces the number of steps in the process and will make establishing a service provider/client relationship much easier.

Increased Speed & Reliability
During Phase II of the Modernization Project, back-end system improvements to make the Gateway more responsive and reliable during peak usage times will be implemented. Migrating the Gateway to a new Salesforce platform will also make it much easier and faster to add new state agencies and transactions to the Gateway in the future.

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