Taxes, Rates, and Estimating Resources

Sales & Use Tax, Municipal Income Tax & School District Income Tax

The Finder provides information on local taxing jurisdictions and tax rates for all addresses in the State of Ohio. Use The Finder to find rate information for Municipal Tax, Ohio Public School District Income Tax, and Ohio Sales and Use Tax. The Finder can also calculate estimated sales taxes due for sample sales amounts.

Commercial Activity Tax

The Ohio Department of Taxation provides information on the Commercial Activity Tax which includes general information about the CAT tax as well as a table of rates.

Unemployment Compensation Tax

The Office of Unemployment Compensation Tax at the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services provides information on employer contribution (tax) rates.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

The Bureau of Worker's Compensation (BWC) establishes premium rates for workers' compensation insurance. BWC provides a new employer kit that includes information on BWC basics, including how premium rates are established.

Real Estate Tax

Individual Ohio counties administer real estate taxes. The County Auditors' Association of Ohio provides a directory of all county auditors and links to county web sites to help locate tax resources. The following specific resources for calculating estimated property taxes are available online:

Other Taxes

Most businesses are required to pay business taxes to the Ohio Department of Taxation. In addition, many employers are required to pay unemployment compensation and workers' compensation fees.

Electronic filing is available on Ohio Business Gateway for many filings and payments. View the full list of Ohio Business Gateway online file and pay applications.

In addition to business tax resources, the Ohio Department of Taxation provides a listing of Ohio taxes and a library of tax publications.