Manage a Business

Manage a Business

To close your business at the state-level of government, you may need to file a dissolution with the Secretary of State as well as close any business accounts you have with the state.  There may be more to do at federal and local levels.

File a Dissolution

Depending on your business’ legal entity, you may need to file a dissolution with the Secretary of State.

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Close Business Accounts

You’ll need to close/cancel all business accounts you have with state, as well as cancel any licenses.  See below for information on closing common business filings.

Close Tax Accounts

You must close your tax accounts, which may include filing a final sales tax return and canceling your vendor’s license.  You may also need to close use tax, Commerical Activity Tax, employer withholding, and excise and energy tax accounts.  Domestic, for-profit corporations must also obtain a Certificate of Tax Clearance.

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Close an Unemployment Compensation Tax Account

Deactivate your unemployment online at If you have questions, contact the Office of Unemployment Compensation at (614) 466-2319.

Cancel a Workers’ Compensation Policy

You must notify Bureau of Workers' Compensation in writing to cancel workers' compensation coverage. If this is not done, BWC will continue to bill installments, assess penalties and send invoices.

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Professional Licensing

You may need to cancel a professional license. For general/contact information, see Licenses & Permits.